Tamarindo Juicery was born from the vision of two friends, Cesare and Nicolò, to change the way Italians see and eat fruit and vegetables. In many parts of the world, and increasingly in large cities, eating fresh, quality fruit and vegetables is becoming a luxury. Fresh and raw fruit and vegetables should be the basis of healthy eating for everyone. Tamarindo Juicery aims to create places and foods that make it practical, fast, and accessible for everyone to eat healthy at any time of the day. Supported from a family and a company that have been operating in the fruit and vegetable sector for almost 100 years, Cesare and Nicolò wanted to create an innovative concept that would express a strong message: fruit and vegetables are not a side dish or a dessert, they are the basis of our nutrition to which we must go back to.

All of Tamarindo Juicery’s products, from cold-pressed juices, to home-made foods like Hummus, peanut butter, almond butter, desserts, and soups, are produced exclusively with quality ingredients, prepared in ways that respect their nutritional values. Our motto "Made Here Daily" serves as a reminder of our daily commitment to the quality of what we offer.